Photoshop – Add light leakage effect to images

This article will take you through the steps to create an enthralling effect of leaks in light to any image using Photoshop. The method is straightforward and could be comprehended by anyone, even beginners. The first step is to colour-grade your photo in order to achieve an appearance you like, after that, add colors to the picture. Let’s begin!

Step 1.

The picture is open in Photoshop which I’m using photos of the two guys for this tutorial video. Please feel comfortable opening any pictures that you have. For opening the image within Photoshop select the menu File and then open and then open the image.

Step 2.

After first looking at the image it is easy to see the brightness is low in the picture. I’d prefer to increase the brightness for this, and in order to achieve that I applied levels. Levels using layer > new adjustment layer Levels.

Utilize the following settings:

After using Levels:

Step 3.

The photo is currently predominant yellow tones in the picture, however I’d prefer blue-toned colors for my end image. This is the reason I also added a level-adjusting layer. I played around with blue settings in order to get the color I was looking for. Also, I played around adjustments to the RGB slightly, which you’ll be able to see below.

Here you’ll see that I’ve included blue tones in the image using the levels:

Step 4.

The moment has arrived to incorporate light sources into the image. I’m going to use a mix of three shades, specifically blue, red and yellow. Create a new photo by pressing CTRL + Shift +N, after that, naming the image “color leaks’. When you’re done you can use a simple brush to fill in the upper left corner using dark orange. Then, draw to right of that using a darker red hue, and then at the bottom, a the deep blue hue.

That’s why I’ve picked these colors as my primary ones however, feel free to experiment with other colors and see what they’re paired.

After you’ve painted the light fixtures, it’s time to convert them into light by using the Blending mode. In order to achieve this, you must switch the mode of blending to to Linear Dodge.

It is an picture of light that leaks through the photo:

Step 5

Make copies of the layer with the color leaks you want to copy by selecting the layer with color leaks by selecting it. Hit CTRL or J. Once you’ve duplicated your layer, lower the layer’s opacity of 43 percent. This enhances the effect on the light leaks to the photograph, because I’m not trying to exaggerate the effect. Therefore, I lowered the transparency.

Step 6

The last step is to apply the levels. I used levels to make sure that the colours appear correctly. Take care not to overload the level usage as it could create too much contrast as well as the effects of light leaks may is not visible.

The end result will be the following:

Did you know that we’ve also created a new version of the picture? If you make it difficult to see the second layers adjustment layer built during step 3.3 and you’ll end up with an image that is lots of yellow tones and a reduction in blue.

Here’s a different version:

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