Methods for Modifying Eyes in Photoshop

In this video we’ll enhance eyes by using retouching techniques using Photoshop. In essence, we’ll apply highlights to the eyes. Then, we’ll add sharpening to reveal the detail and lastly, take charge of the other areas.

You can clearly see the eyes are boring and flat.. Eyes are full of detail, however it’s dull, the highlights appear dim and there’s not much clarity within the picture.

Step 2.

The first step is to add highlights to the eyes. For this, we’ll employ Blend It to make highlights in the eyes to brighten them up.

1. Click CTRL/CMD + Shift + N to create a new layer. Name it “Highlights”.

2. I’m going to pick the blue shade #1f7ab4 since it’s matching with my eyes. You can choose any color you’d like as you’ll be able to change the color with the help of hue/saturation.

3. Do not forget to apply a soft, round brush. You can do this by pressing the brush selection tool on the Options bar while you apply the eye makeup.

Step 3.

In order to keep the colors visible to only highlights, we’ll employ Blend If.

1. The user must open the the Blending Options by double-clicking your layer (don’t hit its name).

2. The Blend If section that we’re using highlighted within the form of a rectangular shape.

Step 3A

You must now break the black slider in the the layer underneath. Do this by holding the the ALT/OPTION key and drag the black slider towards the left.

If you drag the slider it will split into to two sliders, like you see in the picture above. Then, you must move these sliders rightwards in order in order to ensure that the color that we’ve drawn in”The “Highlights Layer” that is only visible in the highlights of your eyes..

The bottom the bottom line in this case is that when you move the slider right to the left, you’re instructing Photoshop to create the layers (Highlights Layer) visible only within highlight areas of the base layer (Model Layer). Check out the image below for effects that you can understand by you.

Be sure to watch your image as you move the slider. Accept the changes. Here are the outcomes:

You can clearly see the color has now become visible only at the edges of the eyes.

Step 4.

Alternate the mode of blending to the color Dodge. If you wish, you may modify the intensity to lessen the impact on your the eyes. I decreased the opacity down to 50 percent because I don’t like the highlights looking too stark, but you can keep the 100% level for those who like.

Step 5

We’ll now apply some sharpening to the photo with the help of the High Pass filter. For this to happen first, we’ll have to make a merge layer to add the sharpness of this image.

Hit CTRL/CMD, ALT/OPTION and Shift + E to merge a layer. You can name the layer “High Pass”.

Prior to applying filters to an image it is necessary to change it into Smart Objects as it permits us to change the parameters of the filter anytime.

Click on the layer, right-click and select “Convert to Smart Object”.

Step 6

You can now go to to Filter > > Other > High Pass and then the High Pass filter will inquire about what is the Radius value..

I have put in 8.6px as I am able to see that the eye details begin to appear.

Alter the blending setting in The High Pass Layer into Overlay. It is evident that the skin has a sharper appearance of the skin, including eyes.

Step 7

I’d like to increase the sharpness of only my the eyes but not to the rest of the pieces. I will hide those parts by using a dark layer mask.

1. Create a mask by clicking on the the Add Layer Mask icon which is found in the Layer Panel.

2. Do this by pressing you can use CTRL/CMD+I to reverse the layer, or to make an opaque layer.

Step 8.

We’ll now reveal the effects of sharpening only to the eyes.

1. Change the foreground color to White using Foreground/Background Color Box.

2. Choose a round, soft brush, and then reduce the amount of opacity and flow an acceptable level of around 30%-40 percentage.

3. Then, you can paint the eyes for a more dramatic effect. for sharpening the eyes. You must select the Mask Layer Mask when you draw over the eyes, instead of an individual layer. It is possible to see that the White Borders around the mask layer when the layer mask is active.

Step 9

I also sharpened the skin with The High Pass filter and the procedure is similar to the one we used for in sharpening the eyes.

Below you can see the before as well as the final result:

You can observe how the panel of layers is set up:

Thanks for watching! I hope you’ve loved this course and I hope to look forward to seeing you again you can keep on Photoshopping!

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