A Method for Creating Metal Text Effects in Photoshop

Within this Photoshop tutorial I’ll teach you how to make a metallic text effect using Photoshop. Learn how to apply the blending tools to change normal text to a metallic one. Additionally, you’ll learn you can use a clipping-mask and blend modes. You will also learn about texture layers and adjustment layers.

The preparation of background

Step 1.

Create a new file in Photoshop by using the following options:

Step 2.

Attach the texture of metal in the document’s main page and position the texture as illustrated below. You can try to reduce the size of it with the Transform tool (CTRL + T) to make it be a good fit for the document.

Step 3.

Create an Curves adjustment layer. Darken the texture. Navigate to the Layer menu > New Adjustment > Curves and then use the options to make the texture darker.

Step 4.

When you are using the layer masks of Curves apply a black round brush to erase the effects in the middle. Make the middle part more vibrant.

Step 5

Type the text in using the Type Tool (T) and I have typed “Metal”. Feel at liberty to select the font you love the most. I’m employing the the Calibri Italic font. It’s the standard font that is available in Photoshop. This is the message that I wrote:

Step 6

We will now apply the effect of blending options to the text. Click on the text layer and select ‘Blending Options’.

Then, you can use first the Bevel and Emboss styles. Here are the information:

Next, use Inner Shadow style:

Gradient Overlay:

Drop Shadow:

Results with metallic finishes:

Step 7

Then, place the texture of metal another time, the second time, it should be placed above the layer with text. Then right-click on the texture layer, and select the option to create a Clipping Mask to use the texture applied to the text.

Effects of applying texture from metal to text

Step 8.

Create a copy of the metal texture once more, but this time use it to create an encapsulation mask.

Modify the blend mode of the duplicated texture layer of metal change it to multiply and decrease the opacity of it to 70%. This increases the strength of the metal impact on text.

Change the blend mode for duplicated metal texture layers change it to multiply and lower the opacity of it to 70%. This increases the strength of the metal impact on text.

Findings after a higher contrast

Step 10.

Last but not least, apply then the Adjust the Color Balanceadjustment layer to create blue colors for metal. Make use of it by using the these settings:

Final Results:


Thank you for taking the time to follow this tutorial and I’m hoping that you’ve learned how for creating a metal text effect. If you require any assistance, contact me.

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