Method for creating glowing light text effects in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial, I’ll teach you how you can create the glowing effect for text within Photoshop. Learn how to apply an attractive glowing effect to text by using blend modes, blending options as well as a range of shades. Then creating some geometric shapes that we can arrange around the text. Take a look and enjoy!

Create the Background

Step 1.

Make a brand new document with Photoshop using the menu “File > New” and giving the following information:

Step 2.

We have created a document in white and need to fill this document with black colors. Press (D) to set the foreground/background color to default black/white. Then press the Alt key and Backspace button to fill in our new document in black.

Step 3.

It is our intention to cover the black text with hues. Then, it will glow our text with bright lighting. Make a brand new layer and give it the name glow 1 activate it using the brush tool (B). Make sure that its opacity is set and the flow at around 40% to 50 percent (maybe you could alter the opacity of your brush and the flow). Then, use a variety of shades to draw over the white document.

The picture shows the following colors: blue(to to the left), red(in the center) as well as the green (to to the left) along with yellow (at the lower). Choose a different hue. If you wish to illuminate the text by using various colors, simply select several hues. You can later alter the opacity and transparency of the layer in order to decide the amount of glow you would like to the text.

Enter the text

Step 4.

Download the file from the Tutorial Resources section. Install it into Photoshop. Type the text as you typed “PSD STACK TUTTS” and feel free to write your own. Additionally, you’ll notice that I’m using the Myriad Pro Regular font to illustrate this lesson However, feel free to use a other fonts.

Use the Blending Options

Step 5

The next step is to use Blending options on our text. will add a basic glow to the text. Right-click on the text layer, and select ‘Blending Options’. Then apply the following effect using given values for each.

Stroke Options:

Inner Glow setting that use the default color Color I chose for Inner Glow is the standard, but I thought it’d be nice to give the color code for default.

Outside Glow setting using the default color:

Step 6

You won’t notice anything until you switch the blend mode of the Text Layer to overlay. Therefore, change the blend mode on the text layer Overlay to view what happens with the blend options result. Below you can view how it works with the luminescence around the text

Let the Text Shine

Step 6

Then we’ll let the text shine by using different lights shades. You must activate your brush tool (B). Create an additional layer (above the text layer) and label it as “glow 2”. Draw some vibrant strokes of the text. As you can see, the use of Red, Blue, Green as well as Magenta hues. It is essentially based on the color that was chosen for the base layers (glow one). Below you will see how I applied the colors:

Modify the blend mode of the glow layer from the color Dodge 100 100%. The result is shown below by shining colorful light over our text

Design the Shapes

Create a new layer, and apply it with the rectangular marquee tool (M) to create an oval shape and then fill the design with white.

The form in the image below:

Adjust the blend mode of the shape layer to Overlay 100 percent..

Step 9

Create a circle using the the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and make sure to fill it with white. Then, simply switch your blend setting to overlay.

Repeat the square and circle layers several times before arranging them in the circle. Additionally, you can use the Transform Tool (CTRL + T) to rotate the designs to make them larger and produce randomness. The following are the results at last:


While I’m not a pro at creating effects for text, I will always attempt. I hope you will like how to make the glowing text. Also, I thank you for watching the video. If you are really impressed by the video, then please spread it around the world until then, Happy Photoshopping!

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