A Method for Creating Pocket Monster Text Effects in Photoshop

Pokemon go is a well-known game that people across the globe are enthralled about the game. The font style of Pokemon appearing in the game’s title is amazing and is easily replicated using Photoshop. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make the Pokemon text effect using Photoshop. The font we’ll be using is the Pokemon fonts to create this look and then we’ll create the font as that used in the Pokemon name using Blending Options.

Following this tutorial, you’ll be able create your personal Pokemon text effect. You could add your own name too. This tutorial can be completed with all versions of Photoshop therefore let’s get into the process!

Step 1.

Create a brand new document using Photoshop. Select “File > New” and change the width at 1280 pixels and the height to at least 720 pixels.

These are the settings:

Step 2.

Change the color of the background to #b9e09c for the background color. Then go into the Edit tab, then Fill and from the dropdown menu, choose to select the foreground color. The background will be filled layer with the the #b9e09c color. It is also possible to use the combination of the keys of ALT and BACKSPACE to fill in the background layer with this color.

Here’s the paper that is colored green :

Step 3.

Get the Pokemon Solid font and install it on your computer. Start it using the type tool (P) and select the previously installed Pokemon Solid font. Then type your text as Pokemon using the black color. You are free to write your own name and title or text which you wish to put the style of text. Label this layer as ‘text-shadow’.

On the bar of options (see the image below) on the Type tool (T), set the font size in the range of 237.05 Pt. The right-hand side of the option bar select the center text options to place the text to the middle of the background. It is also possible to make use of this Transformation Tool (CTRL + T) to enlarge and ensure that the text fits perfectly into the center of the background.

Here are the outcomes to date:

Step 4.

Then we’ll apply Blending options to text. We’ll transform it into Pokemon Text Style. Click on the text, and select “Blending Options”. Review for the options for Stroke options and select the appropriate settings.

In the settings above, you will notice that I haven’t use the color of the Fill Type. Instead, I chose an gradient. I went with the gradient flow between the dark blue 263159 up to a medium blue #2d659e up to #2331159. It is possible to see the setting for the gradient color flow in the following image.

Below you will see the outcomes:

Step 5

What we’ve created thus far will be a kind of drop shadow on our text. Then type that same text, but it’s this time, above all layers. Be sure to select the same font and text color. It is also possible to copy the text in case you wish, then click on it, select clear the style of the layer’ to erase the effects applied.

Below you will see how I typed it again.

Step 6

Apply this Stroke on this text using the color #395faa. The rest of the settings you will see on the following picture.

These are the results thus far:

Step 7

Then, apply this effect by applying the Inner Shadow effect with #395faa.

Effects with yellow-colored shadows inside:

Step 8.

In the end, we’ll alter the hue of text by with the help of the Color Overlay options. Make sure to check this out and select the shade #ffcb05.

The final result is as follows:


Thank you for taking the time to follow this tutorial. I hope that you have liked the course and that now you can create your own Pokemon look text in Photoshop. Should you need help or have a queries please let me know via your comments. Enjoy your day!

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