Two steps to select using Photoshop 2021

In this guide in this tutorial, we’ll review of the improved Select and Mask feature included along with Photoshop 2021. We all know that this feature is coming to Photoshop 2021. Adobe Photoshop 2021 version has arrived and Adobe introduced a number of new functions to Photoshop 2021.

This is one of the best and has been improved significantly, with brand new functions like Refine hair Button as well as Refine Mode: Content and Obscure Aware. I’ll be testing this feature and see how it performs and, should it do so, would it require additional refinements to the choices we make or not. Let’s start!

Step 1: Open The Sample Image

You can first download the image sample from Unsplash as well. You can then download the image if you wish to be able to follow my. In the following image that I’ve opened the image through the menu the File menu and then Open.

Step 2. Improved Selection & Mask

To try out this new Select & Mask feature Go to Choose > Select and Mask.

Step 3: Select The Subject With two clicks

After you have entered the Select and Mask area, simply click the Select Subject Button to choose your subject. You can then erase the background. In the prior version of Photoshop the program didn’t allow you to select a subjects inside the dialog box however in Photoshop 2021, it will be able to select subjects inside the dialog box for Select & Mask.

Additionally, we offer an all-new Refine Mode, Color and object Aware. I chose the the Object Aware tool since I’m working with a very complex background. It is possible to select Color Aware when the background is clear and easy to work with. The bottom line is that Object Aware is best for a complex backgrounds, as well as Color Aware is for simple and clear background.

Click the Select Subject button:

Below you will see the result after you click on the Select Subject button

The company has added a new button Refine Hair that allows you to fine-tune hair in only one click, instead of refining hair by using it with the Fine Edge Tool. There is no change to the the Refine Edge Brush Tool but I’m trying it out for the sake of simplicity as well as a the tutorial.

Step 4: Add A New Background

Prior to zooming in and reveal the result using Select & Mask, I need to make a fresh background to the object. I created a brand new background that you can see below in the picture.

I used filter > blur > Gaussian Blur after which I blurred the background by using those settings in the following image:

Step 5 – Choose & Select Results to Mask

The way it worked in the photo. I moved the zoom in such that you could see that it selected the hairs, and removed the hairs. My opinion is that as you can see, it’s somewhat imperfect but still not bad with just one click. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to achieve perfection however if we just leave it all in the hands of A.I. it won’t provide any enjoyable or challenging to learn about your personal and other’s experiences.

I’ve recreated my hair with my customized brushes, and the hair improved when I fixed the hair. If you’d like to find out more about using the hair brushes that you have created for re-creating hair, then you should take a look at my How to Get Background Out of Photoshop tutorial. In it, I’ve demonstrated the steps to take off backgrounds, repair hair and make them again using customized hair brushes and you can download your customized hair brushes free of charge.

Step 6: Does it do the trick?

In looking at the examples in this video I can see that it’s improved in a significant way in my capacity as an Photoshop teacher, I can’t need more. It’s very close to the perfect choice in only two clicks, and you can get whatever you’re looking for to do right now. In some cases, if you’re dealing with an extremely complicated background, and the subject isn’t sporting flying hair, in this scenario, there is no have to make more refinements of your selection.

This image shows how it focuses on the topic and ignores the other things when making a choice. It’s a good indication of the accuracy of the improved Select and Mask.

Step 7 – How Do I Maximize Your Benefits From It?

It’s a question to consider and the answer is contingent on the individual. Personally, I’m able to create a stunning effect on virtually all images, however to make the most from it, I’d suggest picking a different background, but one that is appropriate to the background you’re using for your topic.

If you place your subject onto a background which is totally distinct from the background you have already used the result might not be as pleasing and you could require more time mixing your subject with the background.

This example will explain the concept better. I’ve cut out my subject’s face on a background with greenery. I’ve selected an appropriate background that shows plants and flowers.

It’s clear that it looks great with the picture and I did not do any hair painting or any adjustments. The process is only two clicks, and the image looks great.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Please let me know if are having any issues in the comment section below. If you’ve tried this function or have comments about the new Select & Mask, do inform me via the comment section below.

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