Photoshop – Use of fade and deepen tools

In this guide I’ll demonstrate how you can make use of this Dodge and Burn tool to alter the brightness or darkness of an image within Photoshop. The two tools will be used individually, with various options and settings, as well as without damaging the image. It will be taught how to utilize this technique to effectively enhance images and ways to utilize to retouch your photos as well.

Step 1: Accessing Dodge and Burn Tool

In essence, this tool can be described as a lightener. Dodge or darkens = burn the specific areas of the photo. Additionally, it gives you greater control over specific parts of the picture as it can be targeted at shadows, highlights and midtones with various setting of exposure. The ability to brighten the in areas of underexposure and lighten exposed areas by using these tools.

It is accessible through pressing (O) or pressing the (O) button or selecting it from the the toolbox.

Step 1: Start the image

You can open the image inside Photoshop by clicking the File menu, then Openand then open the picture. It is evident that the image is overexposed or dark and you can apply an option called the dodge Tool (O) to brighten the image.

Step 2: Using the Dodge Tool

Then we’ll perform the burn and dodge non-destructively with no harm to the original picture. Make a new layer by choosing Layer > New Layer and naming the layer ‘Dodge’. The layer will be filled with 50 percent gray with blend mode switched to overlay.

It is possible to see the settings below:

Initiate your Dodge Tool (O). Make sure to set the range to midtones as well as Extensive around 9-11 percent on the menu bar. Also, you can look at the Airbrush Effects option for if you wish to make the brush an Airbrush.

Start lighting the picture. Starting with the face Use the Dodge Tool on forehead, the nose cheeks, lips, and forehead. If you’d like, you can alter the setting settings for the range to focus on the shadow and highlights. At the moment, I’m only focused on the midtones area.

Make sure you are using a round soft brush to use this Dodge and Burn tool and it’s the default Photoshop brush. It is possible to use the Bracket [or ] key to increase or decrease your brush’s size in the process of dodging.

This is where the face starting with a smile that is uplifting:

After that, I set the the range into the highlights and began to increasing the brightness of the photo. You can obviously switch the range from shadows to highlights If you’d like, and it is possible to increase the intensity for a most intense effects.

Step 4.

Then I tried my Dodge Tool on my hair:

In the end, I put it as a background cover the eyes and make them brighter also. It is possible to use a second layer with a 50% gray colour to give an additional effect in case the current layer isn’t doing enough to satisfy you.

Step 5: Using the Burn Tool

Start the user inside Photoshop We’ll play around with the Burn Tool (O) here.

Use the Burn tool to lighten skin particulars like the eye, forehead nose, the lips, and beard of the guy. In addition to the facial features, it can also be used for the background as well as in the clothing of the guy when you’d like to darken it too. It can be used in other areas that are overexposed in the photo to reduce these areas.

You can be sure that it is possible to change the settings of the range or Exposure when you are darkening the image. This is the way to utilize these tools, either to enhance or darken an image using Photoshop.

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