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Just a few weeks ago, Adobe released the most recent version of Photoshop CC which is 19.1. Adobe has introduced a number of new features in the release. One of it can be found in the select subject feature that allows you to make choices by a single click. It’s true, that from now you will be able to make your selection within Photoshop by just one mouse click.

The feature’s new version is built in Adobe Sensei technology which is machine learning algorithms used by Adobe. It basically determines what is the nature of an image, and is able to recognize humans animals, birds, and other species for making the decision-making process more efficient than it has ever been before.

The Select Subject feature is accessible via the menu.

It is possible to access this feature via a few methods. The feature can be activated by clicking this feature by using the Quick Selection tool after activating it, you will find an option to Choose Subject option appearing on the options bar.

There is a way through Select > Select and Masquerade for this feature after opening an image within Photoshop.

Utilizing the Select Subject

Try this out and let us see what happens! The image was opened within Photoshop using the menu the File menu and then Open.

It’s clear that the background doesn’t seem too complicated, however hairs can create an issue when using this feature. Let’s look at how to deal with the issue:

After you have opened the picture After opening the image, click on an option called the Quick Selection Tool (W) and then hit the Select Subject for the option to choose. When you have completed the process, it will select the subject and you will see the algorithm that made the choice:

If the selection remains open, simply click the Add Layer Mask icon in the lower right corner of the layer. This will extract the background.

It is evident that it performed a decent job, though not quite as nearly as much as you might be hoping for. The image has did have some background around the hair that is on the right. Background under the hand and beneath her hair remains. It has however, nicely eliminated the background on the left as you can see. It accomplished a fantastic job on the hand as well as a little of hair too.

However, if I want an uncluttered background, I have to make it more perfect by applying Pen Tool (P) pen tool (P) to select all around the arms employing Select and Mask select and mask option to fine-tune the selection even further. At last, I’ll have paint hair, or possibly including the hair stock image to correct it.

Additional Exemples

Below you will see the gruesome selection madness created by Photoshop:

This is what it was at its best:

Can it really be useful?

In the past, when we do not use this feature, we normally employ this feature, the Quick Selection Tool for making a selection. When we have a complex background of an image, then we could also use to use the Quick Selection Tool to create a rough selection. Then, applying the different technique such as the channel technique and channel techniques, for which I’ve created a video tutorial about in order to remove the background in a proper manner. It seems like this will just stop the use of this Quick Selection Tool or the Magic Wand tool for certain images, but I’m not sure if the feature will totally replace them.

This is probably true, I would say to certain degree. It is great for images with an uncluttered background, like the one you can see in the image that shows the birds. If you’ve got an uncluttered background or is neat, then it’s going to provide the most effective outcomes.

If the background gets complex, like in the deer and girl image and it doesn’t work, then the background won’t be able to function. The app works for certain areas however we’re expecting much more from Adobe. In the end, it’s an excellent addition for beginners!

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