Photoshop – Removing acne on the face

In this brief instructional video, I’ll teach you the best way to eliminate acne using Photoshop. In addition to helping to get rid of acne, but I’ll also demonstrate the techniques to work with any photo to improve the appearance of your skin. Learn how remove gloss with the help of Photoshop tools. Let’s begin!

Step 1.

This image is taken from Adobe Stock, it’s a top quality image and I will not be able to share it with you. However, the method I’m going to present can be applied to any image. Don’t be concerned about it.

I opened the photo in Photoshop using the menu the file option: File > New. The face is brimming with acne, as are the imperfections in the skin.

Step 2: Improving Skin

I’m going to enhance the appearance of skin by eliminating imperfections on the skin. This method involves using to use the Yellow channel because it contains the greatest amount of imperfections in the skin compared to other channel.

Then, transform the image into the CMYK mode through selecting the Mode option in Image > CMYK Mode..

Then go into Windows > Channel and under the Channel tab choose Channel 1. yellow channel..

Press CTRL/CMD + A to select the whole channel, and press CTRL/CMD+ C to copy it.

After copying the channel, it is time be able to return in the RGB mode. Click the Image tab, then Mode and RGB to switch back into RGB Mode. mode of RGB.

This is the moment we enter the RGB Mode.:

Step 3.

Press CMD/CTRL + Shift + N to create a new layer, after that use CTRL + V to copy the yellow channel onto the new layer. Give it the name “Yellow Channel”.Press CTRL + I to flip the layer that has yellow channel.

Then, switch the blend mode from Soft Light and lower the opacity down to 39%..

The appearance of your the appearance of your skin has greatly improved. Additionally, we’ve diminished the look of acne to an degree. This technique can be applied for any photo, and I assure you it will never fail to help improve your appearance of your skin.

Below you will be able to compare the result:

Step 4: Using Spot Healing Tool

We’ll now use the Spot healing Brush to get rid of acne. The tool is basically a sampler of the most compatible parts of your skin to automatically clone the other part and it’s not necessary to think about taking samples of areas of your skin when employing this method.

If you’d like to test parts by hand, the most effective option is to utilize the Healing Brush. I have already explained the way I made use of it to do skin Retouching within my frequency separation video. It is worth looking deeper.

Click on from the Spot Healing Brush tool within the tools panel.

Create the type Content Aware for skin cloning.

Check your Test All Layers for the source layer.

Before using this tool be sure to create the layer in the same way just like the one I created below. I have named the layer “Spot healing”.

Use this method to get Spot Healing Brush remove facial acne. Make sure you press the spot to get rid of them.

Here are the final results of my research:

Bonus Tip

It is a bonus feature making the texture of your skin using The patch tool. When by using Spot Healing Brush Spot Healing Brush the tool can create an appearance of blur or glossiness on the skin, resulting in the loss of skin’s features or the texture. Since it is able to automatically sample the results, or the nearby areas in order to duplicate the skin tone. Nearby parts can represent anything, it could be the texture, or even blur parts. This is the reason it causes an illusion of blurring upon the skin.

Patch Tool will not work with a only one layer. You must create an unmerged layer to be able to use it. Press CTRL/CMD + ALT/OPTION and Shift + E to create a copy merged of every layer.

Check that that the Patch Mode setting is Set at Normal and then select Source. source.

Select an element you would like to copy or perhaps a blurry area to add an image on after you have selected the part, click on additional skin components which you would like to copy before allowing your mouse in place to copy it onto the areas you have selected.

I made use of I used the “Patch Tool” to correct the shiny or blurry appearance of the skin. This is it for today. I hope that you enjoy the techniques and suggestions. Thank you for reading!

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