Photoshop – Channel repair for photos with insufficient exposure

In this video tutorial in this tutorial, you’ll discover how to repair photos that have been overexposed within Photoshop. The focus is on shadows with Channels to make them appear brighter with a Curves Adjustment Layer. This could be an extremely useful guide to correct the exposure of photos. If you’re looking for photos that need to correct the exposure, this guide could prove useful for you. Let’s get started!

Step 1. Select an appropriate channel

Underexposed photos mean image lacking details in shadows. In order to correct the area that is underexposed in an photo, our goal is to select the best shadows. For that it is necessary to use channels. visit the Window menu and select Channels.

After you have entered the Channel tab, click on the the Red Channel. The reason that I picked this channel is that the Red Channel is because the model’s skin tone is red. At the moment, I’m picking highlights of the photo However, once I’ve picked the highlights, we could reverse this selection and choose shadows.

It is possible to choose various channels in case your photo includes highlights that are distinct colors. Also, you can select any channel, for images that only have shadows. In that situation, each channel is compatible with every image.

Below you will see that how the selection of red channels is targeted at the skin I’m looking for:

It is evident that the this blue channel doesn’t target the color of skin:

Step 2. Selecting the Load

To load the any channel that you want to load You can simply click the Little Circle Icon to load the selected channel, in the manner shown below.

You can clearly see that some of the best parts of the picture were selected to highlight:

Step 3 – Apply Curves Adjustment Layer

Add a Curves adjustments by choosing the Layer menu and then Add Adjustment Layer > Curves.

After you’ve added it, you’ll notice the fact that Photoshop will automatically convert the selected area into an Layer Mask.

Step 4: Invert the Selection

As we’ve selected the bright areas of the image however, the goal I mentioned is to choose shadows. For this, select the the Curves layer mask, and hit CTRL + I to flip this layer mask.

This way Curves can affect shadows in the image that is exactly what we desire.

5. Correct the exposure

In order to fix the exposure, all we need to lighten up the photo, something is easy to do making use of curves. It is possible to use levels If you like, but ensure that you add them at the end of Step 3. Utilize the below settings to make the image brighter as well as regardless of the setting we choose, it can only impact shadow areas as a result of the layers masks.

This page lets you compare the results the results of before and after.



Fixing Photos that are Exposed An Overview of the Fix for Exposed Photos

Step 1: Select Highlights to be Targeted with Channels.
Step 2: Copy your selection into the layer Mask consisting of Curves or the Levels.
Step 3: Reverse the selection to affect shadows Only
Step 4: Lastly, Adjust the brightness of the images.

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