Photoshop’s method for cutting complex hair

In this guide I’ll demonstrate the steps to trim hair with select and mask. It’s an extremely basic method for any type of hair extraction, so if struggle to learn about hair extraction, this video tutorial will aid you. With no further ado now, let’s dive into it!

Step 1: Select the Subject

I’m using this photo of a curly girl’s hair against a hard background. You can download it below. The image can be opened within Photoshop by clicking the File menu and then open.

Step 2 – Select a Type of hair

It is important to note that you need a basic, or rough selection. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It is possible to make a selection with the Quick Select Tool or by using the Pen Tool (P) but I’m using Select Subject feature.

Select the subject selection menu to select a subject.

Below is the selection Choose Subject is making, however, if the selection doesn’t work for solid edges, you could make use of Quick Selection to add & lessen the selected selection.

Then Create layer mask to make a mask. Extract the background

It’s not perfect, as we’ve got very rough edges to our hair, however don’t be worried, we’ll correct the problem as soon as we can.

Step 3: Refine Hair Selection

It is necessary to fine-tune the selection of hair to get it just right. The method we’ll use is Select & Mask therefore if you’re not familiar with the tool I would suggest that you look into the Select & Mask tutorial.

Click Select, Select and Choose Select > Select and Mask or use CTRL + Alt + R to open your select and mask dialogue box.

Select then the Refine Edge Brush Tool This tool designed to help you extract the hair. It will perform something like an algorithmic calculation to determine what’s hair and background, then it will take out the background.

Choose it, and it will work as a basic brush tool.

To the right On the very right side, you can select the Overlay Mode to view your subject which means that you can see everything in Red color as background. The everything else is your focus. These are just personal preference preferences. the choice of perspectives based on what you’d like to see.

Step 4 – The Refine Edge Brush Tool

After everything is done then it’s time to apply the the Refine Edge Brush Tool Use the tool over the hair to remove hair away from background.

This is what I made my left side.

This is the way I made it look from the left side.

If you’re satisfied with your result, you’re able to continue if you’re not, what you could do is toggle to ((+)) and (+) icons for adding and subtract the selection.

In the settings for output, click on the Layer Mask:

Below you will see the outcomes:

Step 5 Edit Layer Mask

While the design is nice however, if you look at the results of a layer mask there are a number of the background elements are evident. To see the results of a layer mask you need to click the ALT+Click button after which the editor, you are able to directly modify the results of a layer mask.

Within the Layer Mask The selected areas have been filled with white, which implies that these regions will be in view while the unselected areas are covered in black, which is background, and are invisibility.Then select the brush tool. Change the blending mode of it to Overlay .

Choose a gentle round brush and apply black paint to the edges you’d like to tidy up.┬áPaint can be applied to the areas that have white colors that you would like to preserve like hairs of models or other areas that you believe aren’t part of the background.These are the result as a PNG Format:

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